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At Weatherford Music Academy, we believe that music has the power to help students build confidence, express creatively, and that music cultivates a sense of community right here locally. Here's what we have to offer!

Build Confidence

Our dedicated team ensures that each student has a personalized lesson experience. We're eager to learn more about your students needs and to serve them with a tailed music lesson experience!

Weatherford Music Academy has teachers who have received training and LOVE working with students in music lessons!

Caring Teachers

Our teachers love what they do, and they all have practical, real-world musicianship as part of their pedigree. You can read more about all of our teachers below!

Ukulele lessons are so much fun at Weatherford Music Academy!

Freedom to Try New Things

We students to feel free to explore new things. That's why we give students to try different instruments and switch into different programs!

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Our Happy Community

Rey L.
Parent - Guitar & Uke Lessons
“The crew welcomed us in and treated us like family the second we walked through the doors. Every time we have have a lesson I feel like we're getting special treatment, but I'm sure everyone gets treated like this. My daughter (6) is learning to play ukulele while I'm learning guitar. Not only am I learning songs I want to play, but I'm learning chords to play alongside my daughter. So when my daughter wants to play twinkle twinkle little star, I can jam with her!“
Kim M.
Parent - Guitar, Voice, & Flute lessons
Both our girls are attending WMA. One takes flute lessons and the other voice.  We have been extremely happy with the school and their instructors, Shannon and Justin.  Both girls love attending every Saturday and we're looking at adding guitar and another voice class.  We highly recommend this academy. You won't be sorry!
Melanie N.
Parent - Guitar & Voice Lessons
Phoenix and Danielle along with their staff are great to work with. They put a lot of effort and time in to the kids, and they give these children a chance to shine and to be proud of their progress. Phoenix is continuously looking for ways to improve the music experience for our kids and we love that! Landon loves WMA.
Miranda P.
Parent - Guitar & Uke Lessons
I'm so thankful I found Weatherford Music Academy. My daughter (my sons twin) begged me to sign her up as well. She's all about sports, but absolutely fell in love with playing the ukulele. Both kids are soaring in class, and that's all due to how well this business is ran. The new building is amazing! I love how each space has a peek in window so you can view your kids practicing. My years of searching for a great place for my kids to learn an instrument is over!! So blessed to have you guys help shape my kids futures.
Kelsie B.
Parent - Piano Lessons
My daughter just recently started piano lessons here after being with a private teacher for a year. Eliza is really great at making lessons fun and enjoyable! It's also very convenient to access the music online for easier practicing at home! WMA is open almost always too, so scheduling is easy! We also LOVE the new building. *Definitely recommend Weatherford Music Academy!

Great teachers, great lessons, guaranteed.

Our instructors are background-checked, parents are welcome in our lesson rooms, and we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on every individual lesson.
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Julia Lange is a 21 years old German crossover guitarist. She started playing at the age of 8 when she saw her older brother playing.

Meet our Directors

Danielle O'Donnell
Founder & Director
Danielle earned her Masters degree, completed her 5th year of teaching professionally, and completed her Principal’s certification all by the age of 25.  In addition to this, she also helped found the Weatherford Music Academy and Parker County Scholars homeschool program. She's been an educator for over 9 years and now helps manage the Academy's growth!


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