2021-2022 Studio Calendar!

Hi Friends! We want to keep you informed on all of the times that the studio is closed, our recitals, and of course we want to assure you that we are keeping diligent track of the number of lessons we provide each month so that you get MORE than your money's worth from your membership with the Academy!

What you need to know:
The calendars below will give you an overview of all planned breaks for the Academy. Because of the way we have structured the calendar, there is no need for make up lessons on dates when the Academy is closed - read more about that below :-)

Over 12 months
, every day of the week has at least 48 Lessons or an average of 4 lessons per month.

Every person at the Academy is enrolled in a membership. We do not offer the option to pay per lesson or "as you go" to any student. Since every student is paid for monthly, our membership could be equated to a gym membership or subscription service, (which are not adjusted for the number of days in the month).

That is why we do not pro-rate a month with 3 lessons, we also do not increase the charge for months where you have extra lessons. (You will see many of those on the calendar!)

You'll see here that our calendar is laid out very simply with 4 breaks per year of 6 to 7 days each. We make sure not to hit the same day twice in one month, so everyone has the opportunity to get 48 lessons per year, or an average of 4 lessons per month.

We hope we have laid out the calendar clearly for you. We are happy to print you off a copy at the studio as well! See below for a quick reference of important dates.

Questions? Call/text 682-200-3795 or e-mail us at info@weatherfordmusic.com


We'd love to learn more about you.

P.S. We're a local, small-business and will never share your information.
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