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Students as young as 4 years old take violin lesson with us! We love students of all ages at Weatherford Music Academy!

The experience

Violin Lessons are SO much fun at Weatherford Music Academy for students of all ages! We offer in person and online lessons, too!

Many of our students will play an instrument and sing! We have many instructors that work with students on both aspects to help them grow and learn as many of our students develop into singer-songwriters!

Violin Lessons are SO much fun at Weatherford Music Academy for students of all ages! We offer in person and online lessons, too!
Build Confidence

One of the great side effects of voice lessons is that it helps students to build confidence, to open up, come out of their shell, and have fun while learning to just breathe and sing like no one's listening!

Violin Lessons are SO much fun at Weatherford Music Academy for students of all ages! We offer in person and online lessons, too!
The Recording Experience

We are one of the only Music Academies in the nation that provides opportunities for our students to record like true professionals. Videos of our students have garnered hundreds of thousands of views on Facebook, and our students love making them because they feel like stars! And we truly believe they are!

Voice Lessons

For students age 7 to 78

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What parents have to say

So thankful that this program is here in Weatherford. I am excited to watch my 15 year old's voice grow with the right instruction. Being in voice in college, and having a Daughter who received a full scholarship singing in college, I know how important it is to use and develop your voice.
Janette H. - Voice Parent
Both our girls are attending WMA. One takes flute lessons and the other voice. We have been extremely happy with the school and their instructors. Both girls love attending every Saturday and we're looking at adding guitar and another voice class. We highly recommend this academy. You won't be sorry!
Kim M. - Flute, Guitar & Voice Parent
Parent Multiple Classes

Frequently asked questions

What do you work on in voice lessons?

Great questions! The fundamental building blocks of voice are mechanics and dynamics. That means, learning how your voice works, how to breathe properly and develop control. It means being able to control whether you sing higher, lower, louder, or softer. Then, once students get a grasp of that, they will work on refining the tone of their voice, their style, and choosing songs that fit their voice well!

Want to know more?

What is the cost?

All of our private lessons, regardless of instrument, are priced conveniently at $150/mo for our full membership on a monthly basis.*
To give our students the greatest possible benefit of music lessons, we offer only a month-to-month package with no long term contract.

*Assumes 4, 30-minute lessons in a given month. Please note that some months may contain 5 weeks, and others 3. Our full calendar is available here for reference.

After reserving your spot, you will be billed for 4 monthly private lessons at the first of each month ($140/mo). No need to worry about missing a lesson as we have an Unlimited Group Make Up system. That means your student can jump in on as many group bonus classes as needed, whenever it is convenient to you! Our instructors also record lessons when their students miss a class!

There is a one time $50 registration fee for kids or $25 for adults. To become a member of the Academy requires this once annual fee of $50 which helps us to provide incredible performance opportunities and top quality equipment for our students to use.

Our Academy is one of the fastest growing in the nation, and time slots go quickly! Text or call us at (817)-550-6202 and we'll be with you in a jiffy!

How do I register?

Registration is super fast and easy, and you can actually complete it right from your phone!

Because our programs and schedules are all personalized, we do need to speak with you to confirm your registration details and timing of lessons. Please give us a call to register and we are happy to answer any other questions you may have!

Start the process now! Just text "I'm ready to get registered" to (817)-550-6202, call us, or e-mail info@weatherfordmusic.com

Voice Lessons

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