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Parker County Scholars

Spring Registration is now Open!

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We have limited space for Students K-6th!

Parker County Scholars

Parker County Scholars is the leading program for homeschooling students to excel academically with individualized curriculum that empowers students to take control of their education!

How do we do it?

We pair highly qualified, Certified Texas teachers with small groups of kids (no more than 10) to create a strong foundation for support and guidance to ensure that homeschool students will not only be able to perform on or above grade level, but will have the tools and thinking skills to be able to succeed academically in the future.

Want to learn more about our program and curriculum?
Text us at (817)-550-6202
What is Parker County Scholars?
  • Accepting Applications for K-5th
  • Perfect for first time homeschool families
  • Only highly qualified Texas Certified Teachers
  • WE provide the curriculum plan!
  • Daily homework schedule
  • Small groups of 12 students or less
  • Bonus sessions included on select days!
One semester
(January - May)

*Members of Weatherford Music Academy are eligible for additional discounts. Please text us at (817)-550-6202 to inquire about them!

Every Week Includes:
120 minutes of Reading Instruction ($480/mo value)
120 minutes of Math instruction ($480/mo value)
60 minutes of Writing instruction ($240/mo value)
60 Minutes of additional activities ($240/mo value)
Personalized work Material (Based on Grade & Skill Level) ($199/mo value)
Daily schedule of work & activities for home learning ($99/mo value)
Weekly newsletter and parent contact (Priceless)
Social Small Group Learning and Collaboration (Priceless)
Project Based Learning & Year-long portfolio (Priceless)
Educational Mentorship from Highly Qualified Teachers (Priceless)

Total Value: $1738/mo

ONLY $299/mo (when you sign up for a full year)

Electives Classes at Weatherford Music Academy

Welcome to the ULTIMATE Homeschool electives program!
We are bringing 3 incredible teachers who will each be offering unique programs at our Academy.

The best part? Your kiddos will get to attend ALL of the classes when you participate!

Class 1: Art & Architecture
Class 2: Music & Theater
Class 3: Spanish & Work Study

Classes will happen in Units. For example, our Art teacher may do painting for a few weeks, then switch to Architecture class for a few weeks! As a result, kids get to experience even more subjects!
How Does the Electives program Work?
  • Students Grades 3-8 are welcome!
  • Students receive 3, 45-minute classes per day
  • You may sign up for 1 or 2 days/week
  • You may sign up for 1 or 2 semesters
  • Daily homework schedule
  • Small groups of 10 students or less
  • Classes will happen in units, so students get to explore MORE subjects!
Pricing: Please call us or see the registration form below for pricing information!

*Members of Weatherford Music Academy are eligible for additional discounts. Please text us at (817)-550-6202 to inquire about them!

Parker County Scholars - Homeschool Class FAQ
Q: How much time per week will my child need to spend on work outside of class?
A: It is our hope that your children will love their schoolwork and projects and want to spend all day on them! 
Schoolwork time really does vary from child to child, but a good rule of thumb is one hour of homework, per day, per class.
Q: What are your COVID-19 Protocols?
COVID-19 Protocol for Parker County Scholars:

For our upcoming programs, we are increasing our protocol to ensure
the safest and most comfortable possible environment for our students!- Small Group Sessions (10 students or less)

- Materials Sanitized after use
- Completing work outside when possible (so students can work comfortably)
- Masks are not required for students under age 10
- We have purchased and will provide face shields for students age 10+
- Encouraging Handwashing & Hand sanitizer
- We are poised and ready to transition online if required
Q. What educational resources are used at PCS?
A. Great question! At PCS, we have researched the VERY best for your students! 
For upper elementary reading, we will be using grade-level books and novels to teaching literature concepts. We will be digging DEEP into every reading and writing standard, every single week! This is proven to be MUCH more beneficial than teaching reading skills in isolation.

For math, we will be using a variety of resources that will challenge your student to be a problem solver and a critical thinker! This includes resources like the Saxon method, along with hand selected supplementary resources from our instructors.
Q. Is this a school?
A. You can think of PCS as being a helping hand, a supplement to your homeschooling efforts, a guide in the process, not only providing a place for your child to be mentored and experience engaged conversation and challenging course material, but also a resource for you, the parent, to come and ask questions, receive guidance, and have your child held accountable to reaching high learning standards.
Q. I have another question...
A. We are available at any time by call/text at (817)-550-6202! We will put you in touch with a member of our PCS team.