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Summer Camp at
Weatherford Music Academy

Summer Camp Information

What kind of summer camps do we offer?
We have 2 main types of summer camps we offer, and you can read more about them below! The minimum age requirement for our camps this year is 6 years old and graduated from Kinder. If you are interested in other options for younger kids, we do offer private lessons for our younger kiddos as young as age 3!

We do have a full day option available!
Please scroll down to the FAQ's section at the bottom of the page or call us for more information.

What makes our camps different is kids don't just leave their experiences here, like they do at other camps. You get keepsakes to treasure their experience for as long as you wish! These include our completed art projects to take home, songs learned, music videos, and new friends!

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What is Uke Crazy Summer Camp?

- Ages 6-12
- Perfect for beginners
- Does not require an instrument! 
-Experienced players also welcomed!
- Available in June and July

This is our signature camp that started our program! It takes kids from never having played an instrument to knowing songs and even performing in just a few days! We also have tons of activities, games and and community building that make it an experience to remember. Last year we added art and it was a big hit, so we’ll be having even more art this year 🎨This camp is suited best to students between ages 6-12 years of age. This camp will be from 7:30-11:00 AM every week in June, and 2 weeks in July.

What you get:
A Custom Uke Crazy book
- LOTS of fun and games!
- Students will be playing multiple songs by the end of camp
- Customized Music videos for campers
- Photos from Each session
An optional arts/crafts project to take home

What is Music & Art Camp?
- Ages 8-13
- Good for beginners
- Designed to encourage collaboration
- A chance to "Jam" with other musicians
- Explore Art with more depth
- We have limited instruments available
(bringing your own is encouraged)
-Experienced players also welcomed!
- Designed with older kids in mind
- Available in June and July

This camp will focus on giving kids an opportunity to try a ton of different instruments. Students will be able to choose to focus on guitar, piano, voice, or Ukulele. They will also have an opportunity to try drums and violin, and to see some other cool instruments, too! We will have some of our private lesson teachers at the Academy come by each day to give kids the experience of private lessons while enjoying super fun music activities and games. We’ll also have an art teacher during the week to coordinate a great take home art project.

Bonuses, Pricing, and Discounts!
We plan to have 2 private instructors available for 1 hour per day, in addition to 2 camp instructors. That means, with 15 students, every student should have an opportunity to receive private instruction in addition to small group instruction.

We will bring in an accomplished art teacher 1 hour each day during the week to lead our in depth art project! Students will be able to take home 1 or 2 projects by the end of the week!

Students who choose to focus on music will have opportunities to collaborate, write, learn, and record music!

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