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Summer camp!

Our summer camp is all about having fun while exploring music
with a group of students who are EXCITED to learn, to play, and to

grow as musicians by having new and unique experiences!

This will be the best camp yet!
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Uke Crazy Summer Camp

What is Uke Crazy Summer Camp?
  • Ages: 6 - 12 years
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Certified Teachers Present!
  • WE provide an instrument to use during camp!
  • Experienced players also welcomed
  • Art Teacher present & Take Home project is Included

2 DIFFERENT camps!)

*Limited time*
- FREE Private lesson included

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This is our signature camp that started our program! It takes kids from never having played an instrument to knowing songs and even performing in just a few days! We also have tons of activities, games and and community building that make it an experience to remember. Last year we added art and it was a big hit, so we’ll be having even more art this year 🎨This camp is suited best to students between ages 6-12 years of age. This camp will be from 7:30-11:00 AM every week in June, and 2 weeks in July.
What you get
At least 1 hour per day of Group Music class ($100 value)
Opportunity to create a Music Video OR Take Home Art Projects ($60 Value)
Photos from each session ($30 Value)
14 Hours of Camp fun! ($500 Value)
A New lifelong Skill & Confidence (Priceless)
Small Group Learning and Collaboration (Priceless)
Active Games with New Friends (Priceless)

Total Value: $690

Price - only $199

Music & Art Summer Camp

What is Music & Art Summer Camp?
  • Ages 8-13
  • Make a Music Video or Take home Art Project. (Optional)
  • Designed to encourage collaboration
  • A chance to "Jam" with other musicians
  • Explore Art with more depth
  • We have guitars, pianos, Ukuleles, violins, and MORE available!
  • Experienced players also welcomed!
  • Designed with older kids in mind.
  • 2-3 Certified Teachers PLUS New private lesson teachers present daily from our staff!
Half Day
*Limited time*
- FREE Private lesson included
-Option to add a Ukulele
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This camp will focus on giving kids an opportunity to try a ton of different instruments. Students will be able to choose to focus on guitar, piano, voice, or Ukulele. They will also have an opportunity to try drums and violin, and to see some other cool instruments, too! We will have some of our private lesson teachers at the Academy come by each day to give kids the experience of private lessons while enjoying super fun music activities and games. We’ll also have an art teacher during the week to coordinate a great take home art project.
What you get
1 hour (minimum) of music instruction during camp on Ukulele, Piano, Guitar, Voice, or Violin
($60 value)
*Optional Opportunity to create a Music Video OR Take Home Art Projects ($60 Value)
*By Request only - Photos from each session ($30 Value)
14 Hours of Camp fun with certified teachers! ($500 Value)
Small Group Learning and Collaboration (Priceless)
Active Games with New Friends (Priceless)

Total Value: $650

Price - only $239
Uke Crazy
Ages 6-12 only
Half Day Price
Full Day Price
Enrolling 2 Kids? See Discounts Below!
Music & Art
Ages 8-13 only
Half Day Price
$239 $309
Full Day Price
Want multiple weeks? Discounts Below!
Discounts and offers
$40 off for 2 Students!
$60 off for 3 Students!
Multi-Camp/Full day
$40 off
Academy Members
$35 discount
6+ month members receive a $60 discount
(20 slots)
I need a full day camp. Do ya'll offer that?
We sure do! You can get a full day in by registering for both an AM and PM session. You'll even save $40 off the total price (which includes 1 hour of extra care from 11-12 PM!)

Our Afternoon ends at 3:30 PM but you can actually extend until 5 PM with an additional fee.
Q. Is there a payment plan?
A. When you register in May, you can split your payment into 2 equal payments in May, and June!
Q. Are snacks/meals provided?
A. All kids should have a water bottle and snack provided by parent, and full day kids should have a lunch provided by parent. We will have some fun treats and a few extra snack bars on hand in case of emergencies, however!
Q. I have another question...
A. We are available at any time by call/text at (682)-200-3795 or (817)-550-6202