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Ukulele lessons at Weatherford Music Academy

Private Ukulele Lessons!

We started with a program called Uke crazy, our flagship program, and a truly one-of-a-kind musical experience, for "kids" and "kids-on-the-inside" age 4 to age 94.

We've custom designed a step-by-step curriculum fit for absolute beginners to advanced enthusiasts. We've built our curriculum based on fundamental exercises practiced by top performers in the world along with commonly requested songs from our students. Our curriculum is so unique and great that other music schools have started to license it as well!

The result is a unique environment that creates life long music learners and appreciators.  This isn’t just “music lessons” or “Ukulele lessons”, it’s truly an experience of community, excitement, and getting out of your comfort zone!

One common question is...

Does it help to learn Guitar?

One common question is does Ukulele help students to learn Guitar? And the answer is a resounding YES!

For students under the age of 8, we HIGHLY encourage starting on Ukulele for a number of reasons.

- It helps build dexterity in ALL fingers faster

- It helps to understand the mechanics of a fretted instrument

- Students can play the Ukulele for longer periods of time than guitar

-We have a proven curriculum for turning Ukulele players into Guitar players (tested on hundreds of students)

- It is super FUN to play the Ukulele and builds up confidence for Guitar Playing!

Like other instruments, Ukulele lessons are an average of $30/lesson* billed as a monthly membership.

Our annual $50 fee covers 2 recitals and our custom curriculum resources, along with other bonuses!

Did you know we offer prizes as incentives for our students to continue working hard? We also are the only school in Parker County to offer a system rewarding kids with Trophies, wristbands, and certificates for their hard work!

*Assumes 4 lessons in a given month. Please note that some months may contain 5 weeks, and others 3. Our full calendar is available here for reference.

Sign up today by calling 682-200-3795 or e-mail info@weatherfordmusic.com

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